Thursday, August 12, 2010

Soaking It All Up

     Yesterday was our 2 wk check up with Dr. P., and everything seems to be going well.  I have gained another pound since my last visit, putting me at a total gain of 17 lbs.  Baby's heart rate sounded good, and my next appointment is in 2 weeks, but then I start seeing her weekly.  Which means Gwen is almost here!  Dr. P said that we can schedule our next sonogram for this upcoming week to check the baby's weight and growth.  Can't wait to see our little cutie again!

     After our appointment we headed to the hospital for some more classes.  I took a Postpartum Mom class and a Breastfeeding Education class, they were BEYOND helpful, and made me feel a little more at ease about everything.  Then, Jason joined me for an Newborn Care Class, which I have to say, he was very engaged in.  All were taught by the same woman who taught our Childbirth Education Class, thank goodness, because we LOVED her, and she made the class fun and interesting.  The class was so small, which allowed us to discuss a lot more, and ask tons of questions... and that we did.  Now let's just hope that we utilize all this knowledge that we have, and make the best decisions we can for Gwen!

     So, 34 weeks down, and only 6, yes, SIX weeks left, maybe less!  Tomorrow is my last day of work, so bittersweet.  My class threw a little party for me (so cute) complete with gifts and cake (YUM)!  I will miss everyone, but I am looking forward to the rest and free time to get everything Gwen-ready.  Time seems to have been flying by, yet, I think these next six weeks are going to feel like forever.  I have started having dreams almost every night about Gwen and her being here with us.  I love them, and wake up smiling, but disappointed that she hasn't arrived yet.  I know, patience Sam, patience... but haven't I told you that we are instant gratification people?!? Lol. 

   Our love to you.

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