Wednesday, August 25, 2010


     Monday was our Biophysical (Growth & Weight) ultrasound appointment, and boy was it an experience.  Let me start at the beginning...

     Our hospital, Meadowlands, was recently bought by a new company.  This new company closed the Fetal/Maternal Medicine Department for whatever reasons... they still have the Maternity Ward (so I will still be delivering there) but I can no longer have my ultrasounds there.  So, at my last appointment with Dr. P she gave me the new location for the u/s... Newark Beth Israel Hospital.  Ok, cool, that is one of the best hospitals around so I figured it was a nice trade off... so I THOUGHT! 

     I will absolutely admit that we have become spoiled when it comes to our u/s.  We have always gotten the 4D (where you can actually see the baby's face ), there have never been more than us an another patient in the waiting room, and our technicians have always told us EVERYTHING that is going on with Gwen.

     With that said... Jason, Myself, & my Mom (we were dropping her off at the airport, so she got to come along, yay!)  arrive at Beth Israel, which may I point out, is a LOT bigger than our quaint little Meadowlands, and not in the BEST neighborhood.  So, we park, and head to the front desk to figure out where on Earth we were going.  The man at the front desk tells us to "try" the 4th floor... we really needed the 2nd. (Thanks Officer!)  Then we open the door to the OBGYN and BAM! There are, no lie, about 25-30 patients in the waiting area.  Our appointment is for 2:15, and we are now taking bets as to what time we will really be called in... and I will say, it was a LESS amount of waiting time than I expected. 

     We are called in, and head to the room.  The technician begins the u/s while I ask, "You do the 4D here, correct?"  "No, only when we see a problem bc of the high volume here," she answers.... Great, I think, I was really anticipating those great pictures!  But, whatever, she continues, and she is SILENT, so I begin asking questions, such as:

"Can you tell us the baby's weight?"  She answers shortly, "At the end."  Ok.
"Can you just confirm one more time for us, that it is a girl?"  "It is."
"Is this the baby's butt over here?"  (I point to a side of my belly)  "Yes."
Hellllloooooo Lady, does everything look okay?  (That is what I wanted to scream!)

     The u/s is done, but she says, "Don't wipe off yet, the Doctor is going to want to come in and talk to you."  WHAT?!?!?  I have NEVER seen a doctor at these appointments, just the technicians.  WHAT is going on?!?  After what felt like a decade, the Dr. comes in and introduces himself, and asks who my OBGYN is, I tell him.  "Oh, ok, we have just started seeing her patients, but we normally only take HIGH RISK patients."  Ok, maybe this explains the technician's concentration, she's forgiven.  Lol.  The doctor then walks over to the screen and asks the tech to point out what she is talking about... then without a blink of an eye he says "Nope, nothing, just an oblique blah blah blah.  Everything is fine, have a nice day."  Ok, again WHAT?!?!?!   You aren't even going to explain to me what just happened... I am now nauseous bc I think that there is something wrong.  Nope, they didn't....  UGGGGHHH!

     We then start to head out of the office and they hand me the WORST sonogram pictures I have ever seen!  They are not even slightly visible, therefore, I have nothing to show you, sorry.  Overall, the experience was terrible, and I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong until yesterday.  Let's just say that if I need to have another u/s before I deliver... I am requesting (demanding lol) that I be sent somewhere else. 

     Have an appointment with Dr. P today, so wish me luck, now I start going weekly!
Lots of love to you.

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