Friday, January 28, 2011

Bump In The Night

Although I am extremely happy that Gwen hit her milestone of rolling over, I am starting to wish that I could turn it off at night!

     Thursday night, while Jason was sleeping (gearing up for his next overnighter at work), Gwen and I were doing the usual routine...  Bath, pjs, a little playtime, bottle, and then bed.  All was going according to plan, when I heard her start to stir, not uncommon, so I turned on the monitor to see what she was up to.  She had rolled herself over, then sideways, then down to the end of the bed, FACE PLANTED and FELL ASLEEP!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Now, I don't mean that she was on her belly and her head was to the side so that she could breathe, NO she was FACE FIRST into the mattress.  Panic has never filled my body so quickly!  I ran to the bedroom, woke Jason, and explained the problem.  I had completely startled him and he had no immediate response, so I said "I have to call my mom."  So, @ 10:30pm I called my mom (who is away at the moment for work) and explained my problem... Lol.  She laughed at my distress (bc I am a maniac at this point) and told me to go turn her over... I make her wait on the phone while I do so, hoping not to wake her, again.  It works, and I am calm for the moment, but CAN'T stop watching the stupid monitor... as the night ticks on.

Well let's just say that wasn't the only time that she rolled over, and by 12:45am, I gave up, and Little Miss Gwen shared my bed for the night.  I only hope tonight goes better, not worse...

Maybe the next time I will document it, to prove I'm not insane :)

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Anonymous said...

Sam, I started to freak out once Sawyer was rolling over in his sleep too. But after continually rolling over, I just let him sleep on his belly. There are also those little sleep bumpers you can fit her between. Being a mom for the first time is sooo hard because you worry about every little thing, especially SIDS, but it is far more safer for her to sleep in her crib than in your bed. As long as she can pick her head up, she should be fine. Wait until she gets into everything, before they start walking is the easy part. Good luck, have a glass of wine, and relax! -Cortney