Friday, January 28, 2011


Yes, snow is OVERRRATEDDDD!!!! I enjoyed it SO much more when it meant a day home from school.  Here we got another 18 inches ON TOP of all of the snow that had not melted yet.  AND we are expected to get more next week.  Grrr.  I don't know how much more I can handle!  Jason was at work from 6am Wednesday morning to 12pm Thursday on Snow Detail... then came home, ate, slept, went back at midnight, and is still there :( Gwen and I are going STIR CRAZY!!!!  Lol.  At least we have each other, right?  It would be so nice to share a snow day with Daddy for once.

When he was home, we did get out for a few minutes to take some pics... 

We didn't stay outside too long, didn't want to get sick.  But, it was fun to get Gwen out there... I think she likes how bright it is outside.

I've begun a countdown to Spring... can you tell I've had enough of winter?
Stay warm... XoXo.

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