Monday, January 31, 2011

Our CRAZY Train

Jason and I are very used to packing up and heading down to our hometown for the weekend, even with a dog.  But having a baby and a new puppy has brought an end to travelling lightly!  I must say that we are beginning to master the art of packing, stacking, and strategically placing us all in our car... oh, but what a sight it is to see!

Because he is just a puppy, and loves to lick Gwen until she is blue in the face, we have now stuck Wiley in the front seat (Yup, he rides shotgun), and us girls get the back seat.  Wiley then proceeds to lay across the front seat with his head in Jason's lap, and over the course of the ride, tries to inch his way completely into the driver's seat.  

There is normally plenty of room in the back seat... that is, when we don't have days worth of diapers, bottles, formula, toys, a stroller, oh yeah, and clothes.  We all manage though, and it nice to get away to see family and friends... as long as they have room for us, and all of our stuff! Lol.

Here are some pics from our ride this weekend.

Snug as a bug :)

Haha, Mom, I'm riding shotgun and YOU'RE not!
Yup, here I am in the back.
And then he starts to inch...
At least I have a good view!

We are back home now, and unfortunately bracing for ANOTHER snowstorm, possibly an even bigger one than the last :(  Only 48 days until spring!

On another note, I'm happy to report, that after a bit of stirring, a flip over, and some Mommy panic, Gwen slept the entire night on her belly!  And I SURVIVED!  Thank goodness... Guess that's just how she is comfortable.

Lots of love to you.

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