Friday, May 20, 2011


     Now that we are back from our mini-vacation, and headed straight towards summer and warm weather (hopefully :)), I have decided that it is time to set some goals for myself.  No deadlines, or consequences, just knowing that they are there, and that I have made them public knowledge should be enough "push" to follow through. (Thanks Workaholic Momma for the idea)

1. Rearrange my (and Hubby's) eating habits - We don't neccessarily eat poorly, but we could eat better (like we used to).  I think it has to do with the fact that we are accomodating Miss Gwen, and not too worried about ourselves.  But, we should be, we should want to be our absolute healthiest for our little girl, now and in the future.

2.  Spend at least one hour a day outside (weather permitted) with Gwen - Walking somewhere, maybe on the swings at the park, or just with some toys on a blanket on our back deck.  I think the bitter winter made me used to being inside, so now I feel like I have to push myself out.  Sunlight therapy is good for the soul, right?!? :)

3.  Walk more - This may not make sense, but even though I am 10lbs under my pre-preggo weight, I felt healthier while pregnant.  And I think that walking had so much to do with it... so I am making a comeback, this time with stroller and girlie in tow.

4.  Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day - This is another thing that I was SO GOOD at while pregnant... so I know that I CAN do it, it is just a matter of making myself. 

5.  Finding a 'Mommy & Me' type class, going, and making new mommy friends - So, if you know me, or have followed this blog for a while, you know that other than a few friends (that all have 9-5 jobs), I have no other "mommy" friends up here.  And it is starting to weigh on me... and in a way I think inhibit both Gwen and I.  I also think that sometimes it creates tension between the Hubs and I also, just because I want him around all the time.  Sooooo, it is time to put myself out there.  With Gwen by my side, I am sure that we will do just fine... it's just that first step that is the doozy :)  Wish us luck.

6.  Get better at talking on the phone - I am a slave to text/email/instant message... I HATE talking on the phone.  I used to love it, before cells phone were a dime a dozen, but I don't know what happened.  I NEED to reconnect with actual conversing via phone.  I just think that it will be good for me. 

There they are.  Nothing crazy.  I would say, doable.

Let's hope.



Natalie said...

Great goals girl! I know you can do it...and getting outside makes a world of difference!

the workaholic momma said...

YAY!!! Awesome goals - and I have done much better with my goals now that they are out there for all the world to see:) Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!!