Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Long Weekend

     Yes, I know, I have been MIA, but there is good reason... Hubs and I were away for a long weekend, sans baby.  You may be thinking, "How could you go away?!?!"  Here's my honest answer... because I am also a wife.  Although Jason and I had a decently long engagement, it seems that after our wedding everything happened in "rapid fire" mode.  We were married in October, pregnant in January, and baby in September.  Meaning that, the last time that we were away together was our honeymoon :(  Please do not get me wrong, I would not change a SINGLE thing, I am just trying to rationalize why we went. 

     First and foremost, it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, and I do not think we will go away without Gwen for a LONG time.  We had "FaceTime" everyday with our little peanut, which was so great, but I really had to hold back my tears... I missed everything about her... Her smile, smell, laugh, hugs, kisses, and even cries.  Our returning flight landed at 11:30pm and when we got home, our puppy decided to make a little too much noise, which woke Miss Gwen, but I didn't care, I got to see my girl!  It's rainy here today, so we are cuddling in pjs ALL DAY LONG!!!!! :)

     On the other hand, it was a beautiful trip!  We spent the weekend in Key West, and it was pretty close to perfect.  My brother and his girlfriend were also along for the trip, and it is with great excitement that I share they are now engaged!  Yay! 
Congrats Michael and Megan!
Headed out on our Sunset Cruise

Date Night :)
     It was very refreshing, for mind, body, and relationship.  We are both so happy to be home, and are now just trying to get back into our normal routine.  But, I promise, I won't neglect my blogging anymore. :)



Megan said...

You're right...it is SO hard to get away from baby (I've chosen not to, yet) but it is important to remember that you are a wife and that came first. Glad you had a great weekend with your hubby! You deserve it :)

Also, I have a delicious giveaway on my blog today. You should check it out!

Natalie said...

Glad you had a great trip and had a nice PJ day with Gwen the next day!

the workaholic momma said...

So glad you had a nice weekend away and you should totally not feel like you have to rationalize it - you need relationship time too!!! Welcome back to bloggy land - happy to have you back:)