Tuesday, September 6, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 3

Day 3 - Your top 5 pet peeves.

I can't believe that I have to narrow it down to just 5!
But, I'll try.

1.  When people use {in texts} "ya" but they really mean "yea(h)."  OMG this annoys me soooooo much!  Quick lesson people:

ya - a slang version of the word YOU

yea(h) - a slang version of the word YES

THEREFORE, when you write "Ya, I know" you are really saying "You, I know". See what I mean?!?!

FIX this problem if you ever text me, because no matter what the subject, I will automatically be ANNOYED at you :)
I know it's dumb, but it drives. me. crazy.

2. When the front seat passenger has their shoes off, and their feet on the dashboard, or even worse OUT THE WINDOW ::gasp::

Something about it is SO trashy to me, and I have roped Jason in on this one too.  I catch myself giving the "evil eye" to people doing this.  And don't DARE do it in my car.

3. 24/7 Bluetooth wearers.  Although I hate those things all together, I understand the need for them while driving.  But, c'mon people... 1) You are not THAT popular to need it ALL the time. 2) If you are not in the car, USE THE PHONE. 3) Those of us who are unaware that you are using an earpiece THINK YOU ARE A CRAZY PERSON TALKING TO YOURSELF! 4) You don't look cool. At all.

4. Nail Biting. Specifically my husband, when he is sitting next to me, in the car. Dude, you have all damn day AWAY from me to munch on those things. DON'T DO IT NEAR ME.

5. Baby touchers.  I have said this a million times, if you don't know me or have asked me {I'll say no anyway} if you can touch my child... Don't touch her! Yes, I know she's adorable, she's mine, and I know that you have "X" amount of kids/grandkids, but that DOES NOT mean that I want your grimy hands and germs all of my precious girl. Walk away, Stranger! {Can't wait until Gwen grasps the concept of "Stranger Danger" :)}

WOW!  That felt gooooood!  And for the record, I could keep going, for awhile! Lol.
Hope you liked, and please, don't judge me.



Natalie said...

Girl I couldn't agree more with #1 & #3! People are not that popular that they need that thing in their ear all the time! LOL this made me laugh!

the workaholic momma said...

hahaha...this seriously made me laugh out loud. The bluetooth wearers kill me...apparently, we all missed the memo on how cool that must be;)

Megan said...

I am SOOOO with you on the first one with the ya and yeahs. UGH. But I am seriously annoyed with all grammatical errors. Learn proper English, people!