Friday, September 30, 2011


A few days after Gwen was born and we brought her home, I began to value and adore silence.  Silence meant baby is happy, full, clean, and/or asleep {which usually meant that I was headed to sleep as well}.

Well, my friends...
that is NO LONGER the case.

Silence {other than when she is actually in her crib} now brings fear and panic... because if it is silent now, it usually means she is totally doing something she shouldn't be.

How did this happen so quickly?!?!


I had to pee {sorry if TMI}.  PEE, people.  Which means that I was gone like 2 minutes, tops.  At the 60 second mark, I hear it, that damn silence.  Now I am panicking, and still using the rest room... and now rushing to get the hell out of the bathroom and see what in the world she is up to. 

2 freakin minutes.

What was she doing?

Trying to tear up two $20s... which I have NO idea how she got a hold of them.

No, it's not THAT bad, right?  But I was only gone a total of 120 seconds, so I can only imagine what else she can get in to.

Can't we just live in a rubber room until she's like 5?

Here's some baby lovin' for ya
She likes to wear her sunglasses like her Daddy

Happy Friday! xoxo.

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the workaholic momma said...

AAWWW...those pics are so sweet!!! Silence seriously scares me too!!! Addie is into every.thing these days!!!