Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stuffed Animal Hell

Yesterday, while stuck in the house waiting for the ADT man to come service our alarm, I decided that since I had plenty of time {because they never give you an exact time when they will arrive, just a "window" of like 5 hours!} that I would do some "Fall Cleaning" in Gwen's room.  You know, the changing of clothes, deep cleaning, move everything higher because she is getting into everything type stuff.

Little did I know, I was going to HELL.

Stuffed.  Animal.  Hell.


Girlfriend has a bazillion {ok, maybe not that many, but A LOT!}, and they are INVADING all previously unoccupied space.

{Let me say, they are all ADORABLE.  We love them all, and are grateful to all who gave them to us}

BUT, I felt like I was in a horror movie, surrounded by stuffing, buttons, and sewn on smiles... and they were just waiting to attack.

What do I do with them all?!?!?!

Gwen LIKES them.  But, they aren't everyday items.

I need our shelf space.  So, that it out of the question.

And if I put them all in her toy box... there's no room for the toys she does play with.

They ARE NOT going in my bedroom/closet/under my bed.

No way.

I refuse.

I need a solution... so I guess I'll have to do some MORE rearranging, but until then, they are all gathered in Gwen's toy box.  Plotting their revenge on me.


OH, and guess what time the service man came??!?!  4pm... right in the middle of Gwen's nap {which therefore was abruptly ended}.  Thanks, fella.  You rock.



Short Leg Lucy said...

oh yes - we recently just donated some of our furry stuffed friends to the needy here. It was a rough few days o organizing haha :] I'm new here from {shutter}Mama

Natalie said...

Um I'm scared just looking of those pics! I know stuffed animals are such an issue...I even told my mom not to get Nolan any more of them!

the workaholic momma said...

Oh my gosh...your girl has got some stuffed animals fo' real!!! They are all adorable but I totally get how that many could be a bit overwhelming. I did have a friend suggest to me shortly after christmas (our house looked like a toy store) to store some away and when she starts to get tired of what shes got just do a little rotation.

Mad props for getting her room sorted and cleaned...I SO need to do that...esp. since the weather is really starting to turn cooler!!!