Friday, September 23, 2011

Stats - One Year

I can't believe that one year whole year has came and gone so quickly.
Good thing I take a ridiculous amount of pictures! :)

I know that this is about a week late, but we didn't have Gwen's 1 year appointment until Wednesday, and I wanted to be accurate for her Stats.

Gwen, you are 1 year old...
...and this is what you are up to.

Height: 30 inches. Which means that I was wrong last month when I said 31 inches.  {Oops} Hey, it's hard measuring a wiggly baby all by yourself. haha.

Weight: 22 lbs. Right on track, girl. 

Diapers: I really think that you are bordering 4 more and more each day, Mommy isn't ready to give it yet, lol. 

Clothes: 12 months and up.  And you are FULLY RESTOCKED in the clothing department, thanks to all the adorable gifts you were given.  Can't wait to dress you in them all!!!!

Food: You are allowed to eat everything except peanut butter.  You are particular in what you like, but you're a pretty good eater.  You looove mac-n-cheese, who doesn't?!!?

Sleep: Like an angel.  AND, you have started to sleep in a little more in the mornings, which is greatly appreciated!!!

Naps: You vary. Some days 2{somewhat smaller} naps.  And some days 1 looong nap.  Seriously, the other day, you were going 3 hours... and instead of enjoying the free time, I was worried that you were ok.  {Oh the joys of being a mom! lol.}

Teeth: Your 7th tooth just broke through the other day, which only means that the 8th should be right behind it... I knew teething was on it's way back.

*Your vocabulary is growing all the time. You are like a little mimicking parrot, and it's adorable!

*You are now RUNNING everywhere! It's exciting AND exhausting! lol.

*We celebrated your first birthday with 2 parties, lots of presents. cake {which you really weren't into} and all our family and friends. It was the best.

This is one of the pics from our photo shoot with Angie @ Creative Eye Photography.  I am working on a post for tomorrow about it, that I am going to need your help with!

Stay tuned...



Natalie said...

Awww she is the sweetest little girl...sounds like her and Nolan are about the same size now! Teething is no fun :(

the workaholic momma said...

I can't believe shes a toddler now!!! I feel like when I first started reading your blog she was just an itty bitty baby....and well she was, but it just doesn't seem like its been that long!!!!