Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Daddy Novelty

I don't want that title to have a negative tone to it, because I don't mean it to be.  Let me explain.

Jason, my amazing hubs, works hard.  Very hard.  Even when he is home, on vacation, supposed to be sleeping, he's working.  He provides an amazing life for our family.  He is the reason that I have not missed a single milestone of my daughter's.  The reason that my daughter and I are so close that it is hard to separate us. {in a good way}.

Gwen and I spend, pretty much, 24/7 together, and I love it.  Don't get me wrong, there are many-a-moments that I am ready to pull my hair out, but still, I would not change a thing.  Since we are together all the time,  I am not the "fun" parent.  Of course she loves me, we laugh, play, and when she is hurt or upset she comes looking to me for help, but what she and her daddy have is something special.

When that man walks through the door Gwen LIGHTS UP!  She runs to the door and starts yelling to him and then proceeds to run so he can chase her and "take the batteries out" {that's what Jason's grandpa used to do, he tickled them and told them he was taking the batteries out of their stomachs, cute right?}.  And I have to admit, it never gets old.  It makes me smile from ear to ear, watching the way that they love each other.  The way that she makes every single stress of his day melt away with her smiles and giggles.  And I can see it THE moment it happens.

He is such a great dad.

I hope that he feels fully rewarded for the job that he does.

I love them so much!



Brittney said...

My life to a T! For awhile Hudson just wanted me - but apparently a light went off in his head last month and he runs to the door as soon as Daddy walks in too!

Amanda @ 2LittleBugs said...

Awe! I love reading about good Daddys. My girls are the same way with Eric, makes him feel special after a long day of work, so I love it. The pictures are adorable. :)

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

He is such a good daddy. Believe me- I know the feeling! Whenever the kids see Greg, they light up. I am chopped meat,lol:) I love their connection though. Adorable pictures!

Natalie said...

Nolan does the same thing...he starts yelling dada and running to the door. Those kids love their daddy's! It is sweet to see them light up!

Alyssa said...

This is so sweet! How wonderful that she already has great relationships with you both! My mom and I have always been close and I love having her as a mom and as a best friend now that I'm an adult.

Andrea said...

That is such a sweet picture of them. I work and am not with her 24/7, but it's actually the same at our house. Gracie is glued to me and wants me when she's hurt, but she doesn't light up when I come in like she does when she sees her daddy