Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturdays's Top 5 Laughs! {On Sunday}

I seriously love this link up...


If you haven't met or read Melissa's blog, go, now {well, after you're done reading this post}, I know you'll love it.

Now, onto my laughs.

1.  Yesterday, Jason, Gwen, and I went to the Valentine's Day Party held by the Mommy group we recently joined {more on that in another post}.  And not only could Gwen have cared less, she spent the ENTIRE party, running up and down the hallway/restaurant... with Daddy following behind her.  We ALL need a nap afterwards, ok, and maybe a glass of wine or two.

2.  Gwen does what we call "The Grandpa." It's a dance move where you kick your leg out in front of you, and it's hysterical to watch her {and us} do it all over the house. lol.

3.  {Not funny to me, but maybe to you}  Monday morning {after the awesome NY Giants won the Super Bowl}, Gwen and I were in the Grocery Store, and a manager came up to Gwen and gave her a free {leftover} Super Bowl balloon.  I thought it was cute {Gwen did not, she wanted nothing to do with this man} UNTIL he said, "Don't cry little guy."  Well, sir, maybe she wouldn't be crying if you didn't just call her a boy!! I just don't get it, even in head to toe pink, still she gets called a boy... we need some damn hair!

4.  Last weekend, Gwen's Grandpa and Grandma watched Gwen overnight while we attended that family wedding.  {Thank you so very much}  And only 12-ish short hours later, Grandma and Grandpa were singing every word to "The Fresh Beat Band" songs... haha.  It's addicting. lol.

5.  This week, Gwen has been getting up in the middle of the night.  This is DEVASTATING to us because she has been SUCH a good sleeper.  Needless to say, we have been a bit sleep deprived and tired/cranky.  Last night, like clockwork, Gwen woke up, and although I was successful in putting her back to sleep.  I was wide awake.  So I played a few "With Friends" games until my eyes were tired.  It definitely wasn't enough sleep though bc I am pretty sure that I growled, yes growled at my husband this morning.  Poor guy took the hint and the baby out to the living room so "mama bear" could catch up on her zzzzzzzzzzzz's.

Mama bear is happy now :)

Hope you are having a great weekend.
We're loving a lazy Sunday today.  Much needed.



LOVE MELISSA:) said...

you are too sweet! Thank you so much! Your laughs are hysterical. She might have not cared less but she is having such a cute time. THe pictures say it all! THat is crazy- Gwenn is all girl!! No mistaken that child! Fresh beat band is very addictive- It is actually one show I don't mind,lol. They go threw spurts with STTN. I am so glad you got your sleep mama bear:) Loved your laughs!

Amber said...

Morgan has also been going through this stage of not sleeping so well. Our girls just need to get with it and let these mommies sleep:)