Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back and Unloading

We've been busy {Bday Celebrations, Mother's Day, Wedding, etc.}  I've been slacking.  And Gwen, well she is just growing up by the minute.  I swear.  

Her vocabulary grows every. single. day.  And I adore it.  More on that in a later post.

For now I am going to have a day, or two, or three, of some picture unload on ya.

Here are some pictures from Mother's Day.
We went to brunch at the Renault Winery {near Atlantic City}.

There was gorgeous scenery, delish food, an informative tour, oh yeah, and some fabulous wine :)

Oh, she melts me.

She couldn't drink the vino, but she COULD eat the Chocolate, and oh, boy did she!

Yummy :)
I'll be back tomorrow for some Wordless Wednesday - Boardwalk Style.



Alyssa said...

LOVE the chocolate!! She is so precious!

KERRY said...

Hi Samantha!
Oh my gosh, look at her chocolatey face, too cute :)
Looks like a nice place you visited!

Natalie said...

She looks so cute in that dress! And she is getting big!