Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Standing In Line To See The Show Tonight

I am BEYOND proud and excited to turn over my blog today to my very talented and extremely smart cousin, Cassidy.

Cassidy is a 17 year old, self proclaimed born in the wrong decade, fellow Jersey girl, whom I adore.  I could go on and on about her, but let's get down to business...

Currently, she is looking to major in Journalism upon entering college, and I suggested she should get blogging ASAP. I guess we could call this her "test run"... and it's pretty awesome.

So, read it.  Leave some lovin'.  LOTS of lovin'.  I know you'll enjoy it. :)

Standing in Line to See the Show Tonight…

By Cassidy Magee 

            Nine long months ago, my favorite band in the world finally released a new album, thus coming back from their five year hiatus. Ecstatically, I bought the album the next day. Before I knew it, it was five months later, and I was waking up early in the morning to buy tickets to their 2012 tour, the day they went on sale. I had checked those tour dates every day since they came out, dying to see that they would be in New Jersey. And finally, they were purchased. On May 4th 2012, I was actually going to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

            Music is the most important thing to me. I especially love classic rock, but I love any rock music, from The Doors to Nirvana.  In liking such a mass amount of bands, it was difficult for me to decide on a favorite. However, after this Chili Peppers concert, there was not even a trace of a question. I love them so much. At seventeen years old, I have seen nineteen bands live, and without a doubt, this Red Hot Chili Peppers concert was the best one I have ever been to.

            I saw the Chili Peppers in Newark with my mom and six of my cousins. I was by far the youngest, as I am in most cases. Even though I was lowest in age, I was closest in seating! My mom and I could see the stage and screens clearly, being only a section and half away, on the floor. My cousins, however, were in the nosebleeds and could barely even see the screen. Not that that even mattered, because the Red Hot Chili Peppers energy reverberated infectiously throughout the room that night, and didn’t need to be seen.

            Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Chad Smith, and Josh Klinghoffer opened with Monarchy of Roses, one of their most successful singles this year, as they have been doing this whole tour. As most other Chili Peppers fans were, I was a little bit worried that they would play mostly their new album, I’m With You. Don’t get me wrong, I’m With You is a great album, I love it, but the Red Hot Chili Peppers are such a beautiful, creative band, it would be a shame not to hear some old favorites, like Scar Tissue and Give It Away. Not only did they play the old favorites, but they played tons of old tracks that are almost never heard anymore, like Charlie, Higher Ground, Throw Away Your Television, and Sir Psycho Sexy! Not a lot of bands do that, but that’s why I love the Chili Peppers. They know how to get a groove going and they don’t play by the rules. As you may have heard Kiedis say in his first single of the year, all he wants to do is “rock this rowdy crowd.”

            Not a single body in the entire venue was still that night. When Flea plays his funky bass riffs, you don’t hear it, you feel it through your entire body and you can’t help but move. When Anthony is wailing on the mic, it doesn’t matter what he is saying, you believe it. What I love most about the Red Hot Chili Peppers is that they embody what I love most about music, and that is that music should transcend reality. If what you’re listening to can’t take you away from the monotony of everyday life, to a more blissful place, it’s not worth listening to. If it doesn’t do that, it’s just meaningless words. Every instrument and lyric has to come together and spark some sort of reaction inside you, and a lot of today’s music just doesn’t.  That’s what makes the Chili Peppers so special. They have been at it for almost thirty years, and are still as brilliant as ever.  They are one of those bands whose music is more than just songs. It’s art. It’s like a beautiful transfer of a specific energy. This ability do this isn’t possessed by everyone, and those who can are geniuses.

            Needless to say, I was absolutely lost on Friday night, in some sort of vortex where all that mattered was some of my favorite music, played by some of my favorite people, being witnessed by some of my favorite family. It was absolutely surreal. Still, my ears are ringing and i sound like a chipmunk from screaming, but it was so worth it. I strongly suggest anyone who ever gets the chance to experience this, to do so, because it was unearthly fantastic. For those Chili Peppers fans who are worried about Josh, the new guitar player, don’t worry. He is fantastic. Everyone will miss the absolutely perfect guitar player, John Frusciante, who is no longer a part of the band, but Josh is a very welcome breath of fresh air. You will be blown away by the jams done by him and Flea.

            When the concert was over, the venue’s speakers rang out with Fight For Your Right, by the Beastie Boys, since the Red Hot Chili Peppers had dedicated their performance the late great Adam Yauch, who had died earlier that day. It was especially awesome because every one of the fans at the show knew all of the words. It was a perfect way to end such a perfect show. When I met all of my cousins afterwards, nobody could even describe the immaculateness of what we just witnessed. It was more than words could handle. Although I do think the nice gentleman next to me said it best…


Yes. Yes I do.

Isn't that ah-mazing?

Cass, you are SO talented and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you.




the workaholic momma said...

I LOVE the Red Hot Chili Peppers too...totally takes me back to my college days!!! Major props to Cassidy...great writing and a great band to love!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I ALSO LOVE the RHCP!! Good job Cassidy! I enjoyed reading!

Alyssa said...

She is awesome!!! Loved it!