Thursday, October 25, 2012

30 Questions - #1

I saw this on The K.O. Jewelry and REALLY liked the questions, so I'll sporadically be doing them when I don't have a post scheduled. Should be fun.

1. List 20 random facts about yourself.

1. I don't do scary movies/shows/stories/even commercials {yup, I change the channel...or leave the room. lol}

2. I put ice cubes in my coffee bc I hate having a burnt tongue.

3. If carbs were our friend, I would eat them. all. day. every. day.

4. I can't wait to buy a new house. With a big yard.

5. I probably would never have dated/married my husband if he had hair. {I've always liked baldies/shaved heads}

6. I've never been on a cruise.

7. I usually eat the cheese off of my pizza first and THEN the rest of the slice.

8. I have SEVERE allergy to cats. Like, my body can tell that there is one nearby before I can. {Hello hives and puffy eyes!}

9. Nothing is more therapeutic to me than the sound of the ocean. And the smell of salty air. Nothing.

10. I see the Statue of Liberty every day. And the NY skyline for that matter.  And I feel very lucky.

11. I HATE procrastination. Mine. Yours. Anyone. Just do it already. 

12. My husband's cologne makes me melt. When we were dating, I used to spray it on my clothing so I could smell him all the way home. 

13. I hate buying things without a sale or coupon. 

14. My girlfriends and I were once invited back to Ron Jeremy's hotel room... we politely declined. Lol.

15. It is very rare that I can ever turn down a Raw Bar. Clams on the half shell are a weakness of mine.

16. I am dying to be on The Wheel Of Fortune. And ask anyone... I'd kick some serious ass!

17. I once got kicked off of a school trip for being out of my room after curfew with my best friend. AND they tried to not let us go to prom OR graduate... but bc we were just in another room, they lessened the punishment.

18. My husband and I were "officially" dating less than a year before getting engaged. But that's a whole other story. lol.

19. I'm a lefty.

20. I love cooked tomatoes, but hate raw ones.

And just because a picture makes everything better...
Gwen feeding the ducks with her Daddy and Uncle Timmy.

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Jennifer said...

I'm the same way with scary everything. I despise it. We must live not too far from each other. I am in Westchester county.

Jennifer said...

Also, I nominated you!

Amber said...

Im the same way with scary movies-I hate them! Such a precious photo!

Cassidy Magee said...

Come on, you LOVVVE being scared....

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I absolutely hate scary movies too! Greg tried to get me to see Paranoman- not going to happen!