Thursday, October 4, 2012

HOW old is she?!?

I cannot believe Gwen is 2.

I can't.

But, it' strange... because in one moment, I think HOW can she ALREADY be TWO?!?!  I mean, didn't I JUST bring her home?? Wasn't I just preggo with Gwen?!?  Weren't we just "milestone-ing" crawling, walking, talking??!?  

It blows my mind.

And then...

it doesn't...

Gwen could be a teenager at this point, she's that smart.

I know, I am biased, but she is.  Almost every time that we are out in public someone says "She's only two?!?!" Makes me a proud Momma.

So here is her "official"ly late two year old post.

Height - 36 inches
Weight - 29 lbs.
Diaper Size - 4, sometimes 5.
Clothing - 24months or 2T {although sometimes the length fits and the waist does not, skinny minnie}
Shoe - 6, approaching 7. You've always had chubba-wubba feet, the cutest, so some 6's don't fit that well.
Naps - 1 loooong one. 1pm - at least 3:30... sometimes til 5.
Sleep - 8:30{ish} - anywhere between 6 - 7:30
Foods - You are SO particular.  You dislike trying new things. So, we stick to what you like... most of the time
Words - TOO many to count!! You are SUCH a talker.  You put together sentences. Count. Ask questions. It's amazing. You are so incredibly smart and intuitive.
Teeth - Oh, those pain in the butt 2nd molars.  They definitely make you a bit cranky, but you don't complain much.

I feel like there is way too much that you have to achieved to even write down, because you are constantly surprising us.

You are a joy!  Everyone loves you, and you are such a happy baby girl.  

You make being a Momma easy.  You reward me every single day with "hug-a's" and kisses.  

We love you.  Through and through.



Natalie said...

What a beautiful girl! Happy birthday Gwen...can't believe she's two!

Alyssa said...

She is so precious! It kills me! Happy birthday to Gwen!

Candice Moretti said...

Happy Birthday little lady! You are just adorable!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Aw- happy bday sweet girl!