Friday, October 5, 2012

Randomness on a Friday

Can we talk Housewives for a minute? Jersey to be exact. The reunion is nuts! Teresa is one crazy mo-fo!  She is in total denial of what an ass she is! And shit is about to get even uglier this Sunday... can't wait!

When I use the Bluetooth is the car Hubs' voice tag is "JJ" - well, now my little one is running around the house calling her Daddy "JJ" and it's breaking his heart.  And mine.  We changed his voice tag to "Daddy," so, now every time I want to call my husband I have to say, "Call Daddy."  That's just a little weird, right? lol.

Tiny cars annoy me. Like Smart Cars and Mini Coopers.  They just do.  I think they are usually the root of all traffic evil. Lol. Well, my latest annoyance? Have you seen that commercial where they put a Tahoe-looking truck on top of one and talk about how those THOUSANDS of pounds wouldn't crush that car.  Bullshit.  I think I  could crush that thing on my own.  Dumb car.

Where is Fall? Yes, I am drinking Pumpkin coffee, and burning Pumpkin candles, but last I checked, Fall usually meant the end of humidity.  Please go away, and bring on the brisk days that I love so much.

No more traveling. I know I bitch about this often, but we do SO much traveling during the summer. Even more than normal this summer.  And five weeks later... I am still missing things.  Shoes. Clothes. Toys.  My $500 retainer.  Yup, I still wear that thing {I worked hard for my straight teeth dammit}  So what did I have to do today?? Shell out half a G for a lovely new retainer. Ugh.  BUT, totally worth it :) Needless to say, I am OVER traveling. 

Jersey Shore.  Yes, another of my addictions.  I've laughed so hard at those final season commercials.  The end of an era. bahaha. A joke.  Yet, this girl is still watching. Shameful.

Birthday.  Today, is my new sister-in-law, Megan's, birthday!!! Happy Birthday, we love you and can't wait to celebrate with you tonight! {Dance Party, maybe??} 

Happy Friday, peeps.  Now go get your drink on :)



Jamie said...

Teresa is such a fool. I used to think she was just silly but now she is in such denial, its not even fun to watch... Although, of course I will be.

Brittney said...

Teresa is NUTS. I've never before actually watched a person deny things that they've said on camera! And I mean, does it get any better than Rosie running around screaming?

I would like to thank Andy for giving Kathy the yellow light on more plastic surgery though!

Monica said...

I can't wait to see Jersey Shore and I wish Fall would hurry up and hit China because its humid here too!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

YOu will be proud- I watched my first show yesterday!!