Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WW {not really} - Just Another Reason

My beautiful and talented cousin, Cassidy, made a great point after the loss of our Pop, about how we should be remembering the good times.

So, Cass, I am taking your advice...

One of my Pop's {and Mam-Mom's} favorite activities was heading to the casino for a little gambling.  And during one of my Pop's "good" moments while in Hospice Care, was when my husband took it upon himself to deal some hands of BlackJack to himself and Pop.

This is just another reason that I love this man... his heart.

He enjoyed it just as much as Pop did.

Well that's not true.

I'm sure that my Pop enjoyed it more, because he spanked my husband for $250. ;)

But it made Pop's day.  Jason's day.  Our day.  To see that hint of Pop back. 

His "game" face

That's why I love you, babe.

And, I miss you, Pop.

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