Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Recap.

I don't even think that I could put into words just how excited Gwen was for all of her Halloween festivities.  Words just wouldn't do it justice.

Wednesday she dressed up for her class party and the parents were invited back to class for the last 15 minutes for some songs and pictures.  They. were. ah-dorable.  And of course, we cried.  She was so happy to see us there, and was so sweet singing the cute little Halloween songs.  I wanted to freeze time.  I just wanted to bottle up all of that innocence and keep it forever and ever.

She was so proud to show off her Green M&M costume and share her treats with all of her classmates. She definitely did not want the party to end.

The only way that we got Gwen to bed that night was to promise her Trick-or-Treating would happen the next day.  She was pumped.  And to be honest, so was I.

The next day, she rocked her Green M&M shirt, all day, waiting not so patiently for Daddy to get home from work.  Every car that she heard, she squealed thinking it was him and time to go.

When he finally got home, she made sure he put on the pirate "costume" {a hat, eyepatch, and sword from the dollar store} we got him and that I put on my witch "costume" {a headband with a witch hat attached from Michael's}.  We headed out the door and downtown to get down to business.

She had a blast.  Ok, well not at the first few houses.  I don't think that she realized that she had to talk to strangers in order to get the candy... WHICH I can't say that I was mad at.  {That's right baby, don't talk to strangers.}  But, after the first few houses, she got the hang of it and loved every minute of it... ESPECIALLY the houses that were giving out M&M's.  Seriously, they are like crack to my kid.

We trick-or-treated for about an hour or so, until her bag was overflowing, then headed home to give out our own treats.  

Cutest part?  She loved that JUST as much.  She would RUN to the door, grab handfuls of candy and say things like, "I love your Princess costume."  "Wow, that's a cool costume."  "Look, it's Superman!"  She was totally in the spirit of things and it couldn't have made our night any better.

We ended the night with one too many pieces of candy, and "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."  Seriously, perfection.

It only validated all my feelings about being away from Gwen on Christmas.  I just can't.  She is just going to be TOO much fun this year.  My sister-in-law said it best, her excitement makes it THAT much better and fun.  It really does.

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Awwwww she is just too cute!