Monday, November 25, 2013

My Boy.

Since the start of pre-school, Gwen has developed a friendship with a little boy {we'll call him John} that she looks for and hangs out with.  They both get excited to see each other before they go into class and they shout "goodbyes" down the street to each other as we leave.  She asks for him when he's not there and she seems to have a lot of fun with him.

Last week, when John  arrived, she gave him a big hug and although he didn't seem too into it, he hugged her back.  John's  mom and I both laughed {because we weren't expecting it} and sent them both into class.  When I came back to pick her up, I was the first parent there so I sat down and checked email/FB/IG, the usual.  Gwen's teacher saw me sitting there and popped her head out the door... "I didn't know you were pregnant!!  When are you due?"  

I told her my due date and that I wanted to check with her the schedule for December so I could set up pick ups and drop offs for Gwen if I needed too.  She told me that she would go check the schedule and give me that date of the last class in December.   She left for a few minutes and the returned with the update... she then said to me...

"I don't know if Gwen talks to you about this, but John is like attached to her hip."

"Really?!  I mean she talks about him a lot, but I always thought that she was the pursuer and not the pursued."

"Noooo.  It is the opposite.  Gwen goes left, John goes left.  Gwen goes right, John goes right.  It sort of bugs the other kids {she laughs} that they hang out so much."

Ten minutes later Gwen's teacher dismisses the class, and Gwen and John  come out the door, saying their goodbyes, he then turns to her and says, "Bye Gwen, I love you!"  I just about died laughing.

OMG I thought.  That is hysterical.  And WAIT til her Daddy finds out.

I call Jason and fill him in on the whole thing.  "Oh boy!  That is too much! We'll have to have a talk about this when I get home!"  

When he gets home later on, we talk about it a little more, and he calls Gwen out to the living room... 

"Who's this John  I'm hearing about???"

"My boy."

Say what?! 

She gets all embarrassed, and then says, "Daaaaaddy, stop it."

Omg.  Is she three, or sixteen?

I say to her, "When Daddy asks you who John  is, you say he's my friend."  {It'll make us all feel better, lol.}

"Ok, Mommy.  Daddy, John  is just my friend."

Yes, he is Gwen.  Yes, he is.

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Natalie said...

Oh my that is too adorable!