Wednesday, July 14, 2010

She's a KICKER!

     Today was our check up with Dr. P., and let's say Gwen was a bit of a show off.  I am happy to report that since my last appointment, my weight has stayed the same. :)  Now, please don't think that I am happy bc I am vain, I just remember that Dr. P warned, "The more weight you gain, the harder your labor will be."  And AGAIN, I hate pain as it is, so, I will do anything to make labor any bit easier.

     The appointment was pretty routine, blood pressure was good, baby growth is going well, and my blood work from last visit came back great.  Then, Dr. P. laid me down to hear Gwen's heartbeat.  She squeezed some gel onto my belly, as she does every appointment, and just as she was putting the wand down Gwen kicked in the EXACT spot and bounced the wand off my belly!!!! Haha!  Even Dr. P. was startled... she said "Wow, no one is going to mess with that baby!  She is VERY strong!"  Gwen calmed down and we were able to finish the appointment... but what a feisty little one she is!

     We now start seeing Dr. P. every two weeks, and our next ultrasound probably won't be until late August/early September.  And as usual, the Dr. wanted to know about Wiley and when we would be bringing him in again.  I informed her that he had just be neutered yesterday and that he was supposed to be on bed rest. I hope that she knows we aren't bringing him to the hospital when Gwen is born. Lol. 

     Back to unpacking presents and trying to organize her room... wish me luck!



Ashley said...

So many exciting posts this week - I love reading them all!
Good luck with all those gifts - there sure was a truckload :-)

peggy said...

OMG, you got some of the best gifts...and the time is going SO fast! I can't wait till that baby is here...I know how it is to be pregnant in the summer.
That ultrasound is awesome...I wish they'd had them like that when I was having kids!
Mrs. A

Samantha & Jason said...

Thank you Ashley! You had a ton of gifts yourself! Best of luck with your house search!

Mrs. A, we really are so lucky, we got SO much! I can't wait until she is here either... pregnant and heat wave should NEVER be in the same sentence! It is truly unreal how clear the ultrasound is, it was like we were spying in on her!