Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thank you all SO much!

Much to my surprise, this past Saturday was my baby shower!!  It was absolutely wonderful!  We received more gifts than I think we have room for!  All of our gifts left in about 5 or 6 cars there were SO many.  We have about half of them back at our house now, and are making room for everything. It really was fantastic, we are so lucky to have such great and loving family and friends... Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Monday we had an ultrasound appointment to check on Gwen's growth, and it was so exciting!  We couldn't wait to see her again... and to confirm that we still were on Team Pink.  Although we believed her the first time she told us, we never actually SAW her girlie parts and just wanted some confirmation, and a picture.  Our technician was MORE than happy to oblige, and as she put it "It's definitely a hamburger, not a hot dog."  Haha.

Below is our proof... it's a girl all the way.

All of Gwen's measurements were right on track, she is head down (she could change positions though) and had a heartbeat of 146.  She is currently weighing in at 3 lb 2 oz, which from what I have read is just a bit ahead of schedule.  Could that mean that she'll be making an early appearance?!?!  We could only be so lucky!  She looks like such a little angel, and it looks like she was smiling as we were cooing over her.

This one below is my favorite!!

This may sound strange, but I think that she looks so much like me as a baby in this one.  She has some cute chubby cheeks, and is pouting a bit here.  Isn't it amazing how clear it is, and looks like a baby ready to be born? 

Our next visit with Dr. P is tomorrow, hopefully she can help me with my sciatic pain (I think Gwen is on my sciatic nerve).  And I will get my results of the Glucose Test (I assume it's negative, since I never heard from them).  I hope I am done with tests for a while... but we'll see.

Almost at 30 weeks... can't believe how far along we are now!

Tons and tons of love to you all!


katherine fell said...

shes so cute!! i love the little smile!! ♥

Ashley said...

I had such a great time at your shower this weekend!

The sonograms pictures are absolutely amazing. Look at her precious little face! I totally see your face in hers.

Much love,