Sunday, July 25, 2010

We passed with Flying Colors! :)

With 9 weeks to go (yipee!) we went to our Childbirth Education Class @ our hospital.  I must say (and I am pretty sure Jason would agree), it was VERY informative.  It covered everything from labor to breathing techniques, a tour of the maternity ward, AND a massage lesson (my favorite!!!!)  We really learned a lot, and hopefully can retain and use it all during the crazy & hectic time of labor :) 

Our Diploma... ha ha!

This past week we FINALLY got the two finishing pieces of furniture for Gwen's room... and Jason put them together as soon as they got here (he really is getting good at this!).  Although they are both done, the room is in a current state of disaster with all of her gifts... but that will all change very soon!  Now that I have a place to store everything it will be easier to clear out... hopefully.

Here is her new changing table.
Don't mind the mess :)

And her new dresser!  The only thing we need now is some shelves, and we are READY!

With each step that we take we are getting more and more excited for Gwen's arrival, we love her so much already!

Our love to you all.

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