Wednesday, February 2, 2011

She's a Little Jumpin' Bean!

I have been told by Gwen's Nanny (Jason's Mom), that Jason was a HUGE jumper when he was a baby.  She told us that she could stick him in the jumper for hours on end, because that is all that he wanted to do.  Well, Gwen has yet ANOTHER thing in common with her Daddy.  She LOOOOVES jumping!  She loves it so much that sometimes I think that she is going to jump right out of the jumper, lol!  

I wasn't able to catch her at her craziest... but here's a little clip of the action. (Not the best quality either)

Isn't she just too much?!?

If this is a sign of things to come, then I think we are in serious trouble when she becomes mobile!  Ha ha!  She definitely seems VERY EAGER to get on the move.  But, wait a minute, wasn't she just a tiny 7 lb newborn the other day?!?! 

At least she is getting some form of exercise... seeing as how we are stuck inside AGAIN!  If there is no sun though, the Groundhog can't see his shadow, then Spring should be here sooner than expected, right?

Here's hoping...


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