Thursday, February 24, 2011

We've Zzzzzzurvived!

   Corny, I know, but tonight will officially be one week that we have been "Sleep Training" with Gwen... and I am amazed to say that we have all SURVIVED :)  For those who aren't familiar with what sleep training is, it is a method to help the baby put herself to sleep, without feeling abandoned by Mom & Dad.  She is put to bed awake, and you allow her to cry or fuss until she falls asleep, with intervals of Mommy & Daddy checking in and reassuring her everything is ok (but without picking her up).  I was unsure if I wanted to use this method, but I was tired of rocking Gwen to sleep, then tip-toeing to her room, only to have her wake up the minute I put her down.  My hesitation came from the worry that I would not be able to bear the crying that would take place, bc it breaks my heart. :(  BUT, it did say in my Parenting Bible (What To Expect The First Year, lol) that it would be much harder on us than on Gwen.  Well... they were right!

     That first night was not fun.  We did establish a bedtime routine: Food, Bath, Lotion, PJ's, Story, and then we gave kisses, laid her down on her back in the crib, said Goodnight, turned off the lights and shut the door.  Then it began... crying, and angry crying at that.  Although she only cried for about 20 minutes... it was the LONGEST 20 minutes of our lives.  To hear and see (via monitor) Gwen cry that way, made me feel awful.  Part of me wanted to run, yes run, in her room, pick her up, hug & kiss her, and make everything all better, like Mommy should.  But, I knew that this was what was best for all of us.  When she finally settled down, after having flipped onto her stomach and buried her face into the sheets, of course panic came over me and I couldn't help but think that something was wrong.  So, for the next 40 minutes, I continued to make sure she was breathing, lol.  She was, and she was fine, and slept through the night!  We all awoke happy and rested, and thankfully Gwen wasn't mad at us anymore :)

     So with each night, the time that she fusses (it isn't really crying anymore) seems to become less and less.  I can't say that with each night I become less paranoid, haha, but it is getting just a little bit easier for me.  Needless to say, I am thankful that we stuck it out, and hope that it continues to work.  

Here is what I say to Gwen each night, that my mom used to say to me with 3 kisses:
"Good Night, Sweet Dreams, I love you."

Sweet dreams to you all too.

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