Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What We Do In the Pew...

     A few weeks ago, Jason and I decided that it would be a good idea to start going to Church with Gwen.  So we packed our family up and headed to our local Parish.  Gwen was a SAINT our first week, slept half the mass, and was a bubbly little baby the rest.  We met the Bishop on the way out, he gave her a little blessing and we were on our way home.

     Between our first and second week, Gwen hit her milestone of making "Raspberries," and seemed to use them more when frustrated than any other time.  Well, she was a little fidgety during the Second Reading, so Jason picked her up and we were trying to keep her calm... but were not very successful.  So, RIGHT in the middle of the Gospel (while everyone is listening devoutly), our Peanut decided that it was the perfect time to "Pppppbbbbttt" about a hundred times! LOL!  And if any of you have seen a little baby make this noise, it is near IMPOSSIBLE not to crack up!  So, now our baby is loud, and we are giggling... but, thankfully, we made it through. 

     This past Sunday, we headed to Mass and took a seat in our now regular pew, and hoped for the best.  Well, I have to say that I always knew it was a possibility, but never did I think it would happen.  Right about the time that the Bishop was giving his Sermon, Gwen decided it was Poopy-Time.  And if you know my daughter, she does NOT poop quietly!!!!!  She goes into full-fledged work mode, turning red and grunting PRETTY loudly, it sounds even louder in a cathedral church while everyone else is being quiet.  Now, if you thought it was hard for us not to giggle last week, well, you should have seen us this week... we were definitely a sight.  Not only because of the sounds coming from our little lady.... but the SMELL!!!!!  AND it followed with us up to the alter to receive Communion! Hahaha!  Again though, we lasted through the Mass and did a quick diaper change in the car (we wouldn't have lasted in tight quarters with that smell!). 

     We are almost worried about what this upcoming week will bring, lol.  We are thinking that Gwen just wants to know what she can get away with.  :)  She's lucky she's so cute!

Wish us luck!


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