Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cinco Meses!

     FIVE MONTHS!  Our little sweetie is 5 months old today, and although it feels like it was just yesterday that she arrived, it also feels like she has been here forever.  It amazes me that it has almost been a half of year.... wow.  She is such a little person now, and with more personality that I could have pictured.  Teeth are on their way, and hopefully some hair too :) 
     I always take a picture on Gwen's "month" birthday, and today she is finally big enough to wear the first piece of clothing bought for her.  If you remember back in my blog, Jason bought Gwen her first onesie (even thought he didn't know we were having a girl) when we were at a Yankee Game, opening week, last year.  Well, today, for her "birthday" she wore it proudly!  Maybe it will bring luck to the Yanks this year. 

Here's our girl!

When Daddy bought her onesie :)

Here's hoping the next months slow down just a bit.

Love to you. 

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