Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Belly Laughs

Honestly, is there anything greater in the world?  That first TRUE belly laugh just melts your heart, and it is safe to say that EVERY one thereafter has the same effect.  Gwen hit the "laughing milestone" some time ago, and I think that Jason and I are slightly obsessed with making sure that she reaches her maximum laughing potential... lol... which really just means that we want to hear it ALL the time.  So, there we are every morning, noon, and night, like two clowns, goo-goo and ga-ga-ing, dancing like fools, giving raspberries (blowing on her stomach), and pretty much doing anything possible to bring on that giggle.  But, it is SO worth every minute of goofiness, and can turn any frown upside down.

Again, this isn't the best that we've heard, but I thought I'd share some laughs, and maybe, if needed, brighten your day. :)

Life is good.

Hope we made you smile!


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