Thursday, June 9, 2011


     I am ecstatic happy to report that Gwen's current favorite word, has been "Ma"! :)  "Da-da" hasn't caught on like we thought it was going to... Hubby's dying to get it out of her! (Poor guy).  But, a part of me feels rewarded, I mean, I AM the one who spends all day, every day with her, so isn't it only right that "Ma" wins?!?  Lol.

     Well, I don't have a video of "Ma" yet (I am really working on it), but within the past few days, "go," or something like it, has been Gwen's 2nd favorite word.  I started wondering, "Why?  Why would "go" be one of her first words?"  So I thought about it, and then realized who was responsible for it... Wiley.  That's right, our crazy Lab Wiley is ALWAYS getting into stuff that he shouldn't (he's still a pup), and our go-to word for him is "Go."  Weird, right?  I don't know if there really is a connection, but it WOULD make sense. 

     Anyways, the other morning, while laying in bed with us, Gwen went on a "go" rant.  **WARNING** This is not the best cinematography, but you can definitely hear all that Gwen has to say. 

     She has SUCH personality already!  I must admit, teething is getting the best of all of us this week.  Gwen is SUPER clingy, cranky, and down right not herself.  :(  Poor girlie.  But, the last of the 4 new teeth broke through a day or so ago, so hopefully it will get better. (Fingers crossed). 

Gotta run.  Gearing up for another weekend of travelling... this packing is becoming my second job.  Do Mom's get paid overtime?  Haha.

Hope you are all staying cool.


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the workaholic momma said...

AAWW - poor Gwen with the teething :( And how funny with the "go" - what a smart little girl - that is tooo cute:) Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!!