Thursday, June 30, 2011

Team Gwiley

We have an 18 month old Chocolate Lab, Wiley, who is a little (to say the least) crazy, but nonetheless, LOVABLE, and even better, a loving Big Brother to Gwen.  Well, Smarty Pants, has decided lately that his best way to get some table food (which he is NEVER allowed), is to join forces with his little sis... who ADORES him just as much.

So here is a picture explanation of Wiley's approach...

They've formed an alliance... and WE could be in BIG trouble! :)

I don't really care, as long as they both get along.

Yay for Friday tomorrow... can't wait for the loooong weekend with family :)


P.S.  Did I mention that Gwen is currently HATING bibs, of any kind!  She pretty much REFUSES to wear them... so fun for Momma!


the workaholic momma said...

HA!!! I love the "alliance" - too cute:) Addie rips her bibs off - which when combined with her reflux is no bueno! Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend!

Natalie said...

Ha ha Gwen is like here is the food I don't like...LOL! That is way too cute! My dogs have found that if they stand under the high chair they will find some Puffs!

Ashley T said...

Silly Wiley!

Have you tried wearing a bib, too?
I know it sounds crazy, but if mommy is sporting an awesome bib while you try to feed her, then maybe she will want to be like mommy and wear a bib too!