Tuesday, June 7, 2011


     With just a little over 3 months until Gwen's 1st birthday (ahhhh!), I have begun the planning process.  While not too many decisions/purchases have been made... I have gotten a few things done. 

Theme - We decided that it would only be appropriate that Gwen's 1st birthday theme be that of her favorite show... Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Yup.  It wouldn't be her party if we had any other theme.  She ADORES that show, and smiles and giggles every time Mickey greets us at the beginning of each episode!  Too cute.  Although I am not crazy about all of the decorations that the party supply store has, I figure that I can tweak some things and make it my own.

Menu - BBQ style.  Hoping that the weather is still nice in mid September, and that we will be able to hang outside for a part of the day, it seemed logical and budget friendly that we grill some good ole' hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, etc.  Of course, with all the salads and fixins that go along with it.  Nothing is set in stone, but we are headed in that direction.

Guest List - PLEASE don't laugh... I know that this is outrageous, but our current guest list is 145 people.  (I just heard you all gasp/laugh/shout "What the !@#$?")  Lol.  Let me explain.  We have a VERY large family.  We both come divorced families, who are remarried (which extends our family even more).  Yes, the list is large... but I can already name about 20-25 people that will probably not be in attendance, yet I will still send them an invitation.  In addition to that, there are our friends and some of them have their own little families.  We are in agreement though, that this is only for her 1st birthday (I have a feeling we will be revisiting this issue for her Sweet Sixteen, but we have some time til then).  So, there you have it.  Man, I feel like I need a cocktail... or two :) 

I know that it will all work out, and I DEFINITELY know that seeing Gwen happy that day will make all the stress worth it!

Let's just hope I make it. Haha!

Until then, here's some EXTREME CUTENESS to make you smile :)



the workaholic momma said...

Ok - with a guest list that large BBQ food is a great option:) I love the Mickey Mouse theme - so adorable and you can have a ton of fun with that too (you should check out pinterest - they have tons of ideas and its a great place to store ideas:)) And those pics of your girl...ADORABLE:)

Natalie said...

Whoa that is a crazy guest list :) But hey you gotta bring that girl up right! No but seriously I can't believe our kids are all going to be a year old soon. She is way too cute in her bumbo!