Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seriously?! Thursday

     For the past few Thursdays, I have been LOVING my friend the workaholic momma's posting called "Seriously Thursday?!" in which she links up with Becky over at From Mrs. to Mama.  It is supposed to be all about the things that made you go "Seriously?!?!" this week, and I am so excited that I am finally jumping on the bandwagon!!! Yay.

1. Seriously... unless you know me, have asked, or just like living dangerously on the edge... look, but DO NOT TOUCH my baby!  TWICE this week, while out shopping, some one has touched Gwen (nose and hand), not devastating, but C'MON!  She's not your kid, better yet, you don't even know her, or her mother.  Walk away! Lol.

2. Seriously... do people look in the mirror before they leave the house?!?!  Yes, this is a little mean, but if my husband/mother/friend/WHOEVER, let me walk out of the house the way that some people do... I would FREAK!  "What Not to Wear" has plenty of prospective fashion victims to last them AT LEAST 20 more seasons!

3. Seriously... am I really already knee deep in planning Gwen's 1st birthday party?!?!  I know, it's a few months away, but I am really working hard on it right now.  It is so exciting, and in the same breath bittersweet... I can't bear to think that this first year is almost coming to an end.  So, I am not going to think about it, I am just going to live in the moment.  I hope we give Gwen the best 1st birthday ever!!!

4. Seriously... how did we skip Spring?!?!  I am not complaining, I am VERY happy that the warm weather is here, but it seems like we went straight from Winter to Summer, with very little Spring (my favorite season).  I guess there's always next year.

5. Seriously... why can't the women of DD and I get along?!?!  I am a DD addict, to say the least, and I love every DD, EXCEPT the one closest to my house.  I always go through the Drive Thru (easier with Baby in tow) , and 9 times out of 10 when I get to the window (after ordering), I am either a) asked what I ordered (helllloooooo I just told you at the intercom! so WHY are you asking me again?!?!) b) handed the wrong drink (I can tell by the color and without having drank it yet) c) reminding them that I am waiting for the other half of my order (to which she replies, "what else did you order?") AHHHHHHH.  WHY do I ever bother ordering at the intercom?  Why don't I just tell you what I want when I get to the window.  I have decided that I am either going inside from now on, or to the other DD across town, that happens to be cheaper (IDK how that it is, but it's true) and friendlier!

6. Seriously... it's Thursday already!?!?  I am excited about this one!  That means only one more day until Daddy will be home with us for the weekend :) 

7. Seriously... Mother Nature is PISSED at us!!!  These tornadoes, storms, etc., are crazy!!!  We had warnings all day yesterday in some parts of NJ... and doesn't happen very frequently.  We better start being nicer to her! :)

8. Seriously... isn't she the cutest!?!?!?!

There you have it, my first "Seriously Thursday?!?!"  Hope you enjoyed.  I am pretty sure that I will be keeping it around.

Happy ALMOST Friday!



the workaholic momma said...

YAY!!! Oh girl, I couldn't agree more with the things you are saying "seriously..." to this week. The touching thing really bothers me and I just started the birthday planning too - its so fun and I'm trying to keep it that way by starting early and not stressing myself about it!! And BOO to all of this crazy weather!!! Hope you guys have had a great week and recovered from your long weekend at the shore:)

Megan said...

Soooo if you could start sharing all your birthday party ideas and finds that would be great, cause I need to get busy on that too!!

Andddddd I totally had a stranger put their finger in my baby's mouth to check out her teeth. Are you F-ING kidding me?!

a lovely mess. said...

she is the cutest!!

xoxo-Hannah @ A Lovely Mess...your newest follower!

come say hi!

Natalie said...

I know I totally didn't realize how people are so fascinated with babies...I don't think I was really like that before I had one but even now I don't go and just touch stranger babies. People freakin' love babies. YAY for the weekend and your hubby being home...and seriously does this mean I have to get started on planning my boy's 1st b-day bloggers are stressing me out :) DUDE what is up with your DD? At least yours has a drive thru!