Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Road to Stardom :)

I'll give you all the details, but I have to say this first:

Our Baby Girl Booked a Huggies Shoot!

That's right, next Tuesday we head back to the city for her first shoot.  Too exciting!!!

     Ok, so about 3 weeks ago, we attended a "Meet & Greet" of some sorts, with an agency that we were referred to and were corresponding with via email.  And we really liked it!  We were told that Gwen was at a great (and much sought after) age, that she was very cute (WE knew that), and that they had a "go-see" the next week that they thought we should go to.  WooHoo!

     Tuesday came, her and I packed up (brought enough stuff to last us the day) and hopped into the car ready to take on the big city.  NOW, let me explain a few things... by map (MapQuest) we are 11.65 miles from NYC, which should take approximately 24 minutes... Do you want to know how long it really takes?!?!  About an hour!  Yup, that darn Holland Tunnel will get you EVERY time, lol, but it worked in our favor, because Gwen got a nice hour-long nap, which made for one happy baby when she awoke! :)  We parked the car and arrived at the Studio @ 8:55am, we were 35 minutes early, yay! (It's not very often that we are EARLY for things).  And they began seeing babies @ 9:30am.  All of us moms were instructed to take our babies down to just their diaper and that a woman (whom we all got to meet) would be taking them across the hall to take pictures (they want to make sure that they won't freak out w/o their mommas). 

     Well, they started @9:15am and took them in by the order they arrived (Thank God we were early!!!!)... To make a long story short, we were done and back in the car by 9:45am!!!  IT TOOK LONGER TO DRIVE IN THAN THE ACTUAL AUDITION!  Haha.  But it went great, Gwen had fun playing with the babies and didn't cry when they went to take her pic!

     Friday of that week, I received an email, saying that we got a CALLBACK!  Yippeee!  And that we were to head back to the same place on Monday.  The day came, and we did the same routine, this time we were the FIRST ones there!!!  This audition was EVEN shorter than the last, and we were home by 10am!  Can you imagine?!?!  So, we waited again.

    THEN, the email came!!!  Gwen booked it!!!!! Ahhhh!  I can't believe it!  We are so happy for her!  This coming Tuesday is the shoot, and BELIEVE me I will give you ALL the details!  Wish us luck!

She makes us so proud. :)



the workaholic momma said...

Oh my goodness - I'm squealing with excitement for you guys right now - HOW EXCITING!!!! Congrats:)

Natalie said...

WOW! That is exciting! Congrats to Gwen! I can't wait to hear how the shoot goes!

CP Talent said...

Have fun tomorrow!!!

Bee Mine said...

Awesome! Congratulations! So excited! Let Bee Mine know if you need any accessories! LOL