Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stats~9 Months

Gwen, you are 9 months old...
and this is what you are up to...

Weight - 19 lbs 11 oz (you've stayed the same.  well, at least on my scale.)

Height - 30 inches, I think... you wouldn't stay very still :)

Diapers - Size 3

Clothes - We have moved on to 9 months... and packed away (for the most part) all of your smaller clothing. :(  I am always excited to bring out new clothing, but it is so sad to see all of those outfits that you won't fit in anymore.

Food - We are thoroughly exploring the wide world of food!  I try to throw new things at you all the time... some you are more receptive to than others, but you at least try them all once.

Sleep - Like a pro.  Yeah, you have some early mornings, but nothing drastic, and every morning is better than the last, when you smile that BIG smile at me.  Gets me every time.

Naps - 2 a day.  You definitely let us know when you are ready for one, and we are more than happy to oblige :)

Teeth - Well, all four top teeth have "cut through," so that makes 6!  Your toothy grin is absolutely precious, but "nibbling" on Mommy's finger is no longer an option, because IT HURTS!  Those pearly whites are sharp!  Lol.  But, I will gladly supply you with all the "chew toys" you want.

-It seems as though you want to walk SO badly!  You CAN'T sit still (just like Daddy).  You have started to live on the dangerous side, trying to stand without holding anything and/or letting go of your support for a second or two.

-You took your first boat ride!  And you seemed to enjoy it so much, that it put you to sleep.  Lol.  We are going out again this weekend for Father's Day (Daddy wants to take you swimming in the bay for the 1st time).  Let's hope you continue to like life on the water!

-We just signed you with a Talent Agency!  We are going to have as much fun as possible, and hey, maybe even make a few bucks to put towards your college tuition.

-Your new favorite toy/teether are Daddy's sunglasses.  It is SO funny, he CAN'T wear them (even on his head) because you take them off immediately and throw them in your mouth.  Good thing Daddy likes to share :)

-You have been doing so well with all the travelling we do.  Just want to say thanks kiddo!

No Dr. this month, or next, or the one after that, yay!  (Unless you get sick.)  I have to say, Gwen, it seems like the wait for you to get here was soooooooooooo long, and now that you are here, time is really flying.  There are so many moments in the day that I wish I could freeze time, and keep you this age forever...

We love you more than you know!

Back to packing... our weekend starts tomorrow!


the workaholic momma said...

Happy 9 months, Gwen!!! She is getting SO big..and all of those teeth, oh my:) I LOVE the update...she is just SO precious!!!

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend:)

Natalie said...

Happy 9 months! She is such a big girl...and yes it does seem like they've been with us forever! She's just so cute!