Saturday, July 16, 2011

Double Digits

Holy Crap People!  Gwen is T-E-N months old today!   DOUBLE DIGITS ;) I can't believe it.  Why does 10 sound so much bigger than all the rest of the months? 

Some things I have been thinking about today:

We are in the LAST quarter of her first year.  That means her first year is almost over, that we will then have a TODDLER and no longer a BABY.  {I just teared up writing that}

She has officially been here with us longer than she was in my belly.  Yet, it seemed like the pregnant 10 months took forever, but these 10 have FLOWN by.

The things that we survived with relied on are no longer of ANY use to us. {Swing, bouncy chairs, swaddle blankie, mobile, changing table (except for storage), jumper, pacifiers}  I'm not saying that I want them back, but a part of me misses them.

Her 1st Birthday is almost here... it seemed SOOOOO far away before, and now I feel like it is "crunch" time.  Oh, boy.

We are not at home today, so I will have to save her "Stats" for tomorrow or Monday, but I am excited to see the changes! 

Happy 10 Month Birthday, Gwen!
You are so precious and loved so SO much!


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Natalie said...

10 months does sound big doesn't it? Aww she looks so cute in her jean overalls! Happy 10 months Gwen!