Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hollywood, Lol.

That's what my mom, Wela, calls Gwen, HOLLYWOOD.  And today after our audition, some sweet old man called her the same thing in the grocery store!  Maybe it was because she was rocking her shades...

Yes, she kept them on the WHOLE shopping trip!
SO, today was the Parents Magazine, Halloween Issue, audition.  And it went great... we even got spend some time with Gwen's cousin, Emily, and her Uncle Ed!  Emily has signed with the same agency as us, so it will so fun to get to hang out at these things together!!  We also saw another girl that Gwen did the Huggies shoot with, it is always nice to see familiar faces!

Cousins :) :) :)

This audition was MUCH different than the last... we actually got to be with, and help them dress, and take pics.  Gwen was put into 2 costumes.  1) A Blue Bird (so FREAKIN adorable!!!!), I didn't get a picture of that one, but her Uncle Ed has one, so when he uploads, I will share. 2) A Baby Bear (adorable!)
I know, she doesn't seemed thrilled, but she was just checking out the scenery, she was actually VERY happy!

Talking, not yawning, although we were tired afterwards.
Emily and Ed, checking in.  She is toooooo cute!

Not the best shot, but this is Emily in the Blue Bird costume.  I can't stand how adorable she is!

Thank goodness we were early... we were 2nd... as we were leaving, they were only on number 6, but had just checked in number 45!!!!!  I told the girls that were working the audition that I hoped they were headed out to Happy Hour after their long day!  They assured me they were :)

It was a good day, and now we are home relaxing... waiting for the weekend!



Megan said...

Those pics are too cute! I wish you could share your secret of getting Gwen to wear her shades...I cannot get my little one to keep them on.

Also, what shopping cart cover do you have? It looks awesome!

Natalie said...

That baby bear outfit...too cute for words! Glad you had a great time...and looks like Miss Hollywood loves her sunglasses!

Samantha said...

Thanks girls! She doesn't always keep them on, just when she's "in the mood" it's too funny! The baby bear outfit WAS adorable, but I can't wait to share pics of the BLUE BIRD!

The shopping cart cover is the Floppy Seat ~ Pink Paisley, I love it. We used it tonight in a restaurant also.

the workaholic momma said...

aaww..seriously too cute!!! I love her shades..she totally looks like shes going to hollywood. I love that you are doing the modeling stuff with could have the next drew barrymore on your hands:)