Monday, July 18, 2011

The Jury Duty Diaries, Take 2: Part 1

The day has finally arrived.

I'm blogging to you from the local county courthouse, hoping that having something to do will save me from dying a slow, boring death.  Lol.

This is Part 1 because, well right now, I have nothing to write about my experience so far, seeing as how, NOTHING has happened yet.  I WILL say that the commute was easy, I am here early (although I doubt that will help me get out early), and I am loaded with things to occupy myself. {Laptop, iPhone (Words w/ Friends & Hanging w/ Friends, yay!), Trashy Magazines (Life & Style, not Playboy, lol), Coffee, Food, & Water}  Maybe, I should have brought a pillow and caught up on some MAJOR sleep!!

Little munchkin is home with her Wela (thanks Mom!) and recovering from a sun and fun filled weekend.  So until something awesome happens here, I'll share a few pics from our weekend which included Gwen's first trip to the boardwalk :)  It was a great time, full of rides, food I SO should not have eaten, a disappointing Women's Soccer game :(, and what day on the boardwalk wouldn't be complete without a JWoWW and camera crew sighting, lol! 

Serious Super Cuteness!!
Our Friend, Mikey & I :)

Uncle Michael and Gwen :)

Our first ride together...
Gwen looks so serious here!

Well, wish me luck.  Comment me, email me, text me, ANYTHING!  Lol.
Enjoy your Jury Duty-Free Monday!


the workaholic momma said...

yuck!! jury duty sounds miserable:( sending LOTS of luck your way today!!!

The weekend pics look awesome...Gwen looks absolutely adorable, as always:) and it looks like you guys had a blast!!!

Amanda Mailot said...

Very cute. I'm excited for the rides when Elizabeth gets older. I saw JWoww, Vinnie, and's so wierd to have celebrities and camera crews right there in Seaside. Good luck at jury duty, hopefully it's something interesting.