Sunday, July 10, 2011

Worlds Apart

     This day, last year, was my baby shower.  Although only 365 days ago, it seems like a whole lifetime ago!  It was a total surprise, and I was "showered" with more gifts, supplies, and most importantly, love than I could have ever imagined!  It took about 6 cars and one whole week to get all of our things home!  I find it hilarious that there are still things/clothes that we have not used yet, clothes that I thought she would never be big enough to fit into.  It also makes me sad that there are many things/clothes that she can no longer and will never be able to use again.  :(
With my girls, love them!

      Our lives were SO different that day... our biggest responsibility was just our little puppy, Wiley, we could nap/sleep in as often as needed, and we were eagerly awaiting the day when we got to meet the little girl who was doing all that dancing in my belly.  It was a very exciting time, anticipating what lied ahead of us, yet nervous knowing that we could NEVER be fully prepared. 

Ahh, these are the moments...

Our lives were FOREVER changed when we "met" Gwen, and we now live in a world that we could never imagine not living in today.

Thank you again to everyone who was a part of that special day.  We are forever grateful.

Hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend, don't they seem to go by WAY too quickly?!?!




Natalie said...

Look at you rockin' those sunglasses! I know how fast everything seems to go...cherish every minute!

the workaholic momma said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of you and Gwen above...I hope you have that hanging on a wall in your home:) It is amazing how much the arrival of a little one changes our worlds...I could never have imagined how different life would be:)