Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's The Simple Things... 3rd Edition

It's that time again, I am linking up with jesslyn amber for the simple things.  I love that this post is on Thursdays, it is a great way to head into the weekend.  Here's what I am loving this week.

I appreciate...

coupons.  there is something about a bargain that I can and will ALWAYS appreciate.

that Gwen is at the age where she hugs me as much as I hug her.  when I pick her up, she slides her arm under mine and holds onto my back.  there is no feeling like it in the world.

weekends as a family.

being married.  not only because I love my husband, and all of the wonderful things that come with marriage, but because I am NOT single.  the thought of "dating" is tiring and now scary to me... I don't miss it.

a good thunderstorm (watching from inside a safe building, lol).

an adorable pair of heels/wedges (they make me feel like a hot Momma). :)

The weekend is in sight, yay!
My new FAVORITE pic of Gwen!




Natalie said...

Oh a little hug is the best! And yes being married and not having to worry about dating is also a major plus!

the workaholic momma said... hugs - there cannot be anything better...well other than that ADORABLE pic of Gwen at the bottom of your post!!! I too am a lover of coupons...nothing better than free money:)