Thursday, October 20, 2011

On The Bridge to... Queens

Let me start by saying that we found out yesterday Gwen booked a shoot with Rubies Costumes and it was scheduled for this morning at 9:15am in Queens, NY.

Yay! So exciting! {We work with such a great agency!}

We woke up nice and early, got together all our crap stuff and headed to the city.

In all actuality, where we were headed is only 20.8 {via mapquest} miles, but with NYC traffic you never know what kind of travel time you are looking at, therefore, we left at about 7:45am.  All was going pretty well, then we got to the BQE {Bronx-Queens Expressway} and we came to the "stop and go" portion of the trip :)  But, we still had plenty of time, and Gwen seemed to be content, so we just kept on going.

Right before we were about to exit the BQE and get on the LIE {Long Island Expressway} I see a sign that there is an accident and "Heavy Delays"... oh boy.  Still, it's ok we have time, but now we are at a dead stop on a bridge and I look back at Gwen to check and she starts to throw up EVERYWHERE.  We are NOT talking about "baby" throw up.  I am talking curdled milk looking stuff.  The amount could probably fill up a Big Gulp.  And the smell?!?!  YOU.DON'T.WANT.TO.KNOW!

Poor Gwen is hysterically crying!
And so am I.

I completely panicked.

Let me remind you of a few things.
1. I am in the car.
2. On a bridge!!!!!!!
3. With nowhere to pull off, get out, and fix and soothe my poor child!!!!
4. With "Heavy Delays" ahead!
5. Other than the "man" in my GPS telling me what to do, I DON'T KNOW WHERE I AM!!!
5. {This is completely unimportant at that moment} But, we are on our way to a photo shoot!

Whenever I am in "crisis" I have to call Jason.  Even if he can't do anything, it always helps.  So I call.

::Reminder::  I am hysterically crying, Gwen is screaming, and he's at work. Yeah, this phone call should be good.

I explain to him the situation, that there is A LOT of throw up, I am worried if she is ok, and I feel helpless. 

Here's sort of how the rest of the conversation went:

J - It's ok, just pull over.
J - Ok, just turn around.
Me - I AM DEAD STOPPED ON A BRIDGE!!! I have to go!

Productive, right?!?!   But it made me feel better in some weird way...
And "mom" mode snapped back into place.  I had no towels, so I took off my cardigan {because this job was WAY too big for baby wipes} and start to wipe Gwen's hands and her face as best I could, while trying to remain as safe as we could.
My poor girl.

We made it to our destination, which ended up being only a few minutes away {Thank GOD!} and I got out to assess the rest of the damage.


It was everywhere, pants, shoes, coat, car seat, door, floor, you get my drift.  And get this, you ready for this??

I left her change of clothes on the kitchen table.


But!  I did have another coat, her shirt {a tunic} was clean, and knee high boots.  Yay!

As, I am trying to clean her up as best I can, the photographer must have seen me and come over.  He told me to bring her in and I could use their bathroom to help Gwen.  Thank you, sir!  He helped carry all of our stuff in, HE explained to everyone what happened, and then showed me the way to the Restroom. 

Once we were in the bathroom and I got the gross clothes off baby girl, she was like a BRAND NEW GIRL!  Like nothing every happened.  Except for the fact that we now had barely any clothes and smelled something awful.

We went through with the shoot {I can't believe it} and Gwen was amazing!  They dressed her up as The Tasmanian Devil and A Pink Poodle.  AH-dorable!

Here's some pics:


A little poodle :)

We're home now, showered and bathed, and {I can say this without any guilt} going to enjoy a glass of wine later... I'd say it's deserved!  :)

And my sick little kiddo??
This is her now...

Sorry for the crappy pic quality, from my phone...



the workaholic momma said...

Oh my poor thing!!! And Gwen too...I totally would have freaked as well!!! Glad the shoot went well...she sure makes a cute taz devil and poodle. Glad to see she is feeling better...and I hope you enjoyed your glass of wine:)

Natalie said...

Awww that poor girl...and poor momma! I'm so sorry this happened but thank goodness everything worked itself out and that Gwen rocked the audition! :)