Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seriously?! Thursday

Link up time!  Here are all the things that have made me go Seriously?!?  lately...
1. Ummmm, Teresa and all of the ridiculousness that is the Housewives of New Jersey reunion!!!  Ladies, are you forgetting that you are surrounded by cameras and that millions of us are watching you act like this!  Teresa just looked like such an ugly person... I'd be ashamed.

2. Christmas shopping starts, now!  And I already feel behind, lol.  I am searching and searching for all the good ideas and bargains for everyone's presents... but all I want to do is keep buying Gwen things! Haha.  I know, I know, I won't, but I really want to!!

3. I have no clothes.  None.  Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration, but you know what I mean.  I need a shopping trip. A.S.A.P.

4. Gwen is probably the best hugger in the world! No lie, she squeezes so tightly and adoringly that I could just hug her

5. SOA! {Sons of Anarchy for those that don't watch}  It is so intense, and I love every minute of Jax it!

6. I swear, most meals, baby girl gets more food on her than in her.  We have to do a full SHAKE DOWN when taking her out of the high chair. Lol.

7. Rain makes me people drive like complete morons... it's RAIN people, move along.

8. I can't believe October is almost over!  It's like I BLINKED and it's gone.  Crazy!

::sigh:: I love her.

I have to confess, Pinterest is beyond addicting... and seriously making me want to be super "crafty."  This could get interesting. lol. I'll keep you updated.



the workaholic momma said...

hehe...pinterest is SO addicting and inspiring!!! I too am trying to get my christmas shopping done..eekk it will be here before we know it!!!

I see the Northeast might be getting some snow this weekend...stay safe and warm:)

Samantha said...

Thanks girl! I can't believe SNOW already! Ugh.