Wednesday, October 26, 2011


After looking over the current "challenge" that I am involved with, I noticed that a lot of the days I am not actually taking pictures myself.  No Bueno.  For example, yesterday's pic was not one that I took {duh I am IN it} lol, and today I was supposed to post a picture of the cast from your fav show. 


I am moving on.

I found a new photo challenge via Pinterest {ummm, why have I not found this sooner?!?} and here it is.

I'll start with day 2, again, tomorrow.

On another note.

I need a change.  A hair color change.  I don't know whether to go super dark {fitting for winter}, or tons of highlights {have always been mine and hubs' fav}.  So... I need your opinion.

PLEASE head up top and submit your answer to the poll... thanks a bunch!

Happy Hump Day... here's a "throwback" pic of baby girl.

One year ago.

Man, what a difference.

It really goes too fast.

::Sniffle Sniffle::



Megan said...

I do love highlights, but darker is just so fitting for the season. Either will be fun when it's just a change you're wanting!

the workaholic momma said...

I LOVE the challenge you picked...I have totally been looking for something like that...once things settle down;) That pic of Gwen is too cute!!! And I totally think you should go dark but I'll submit my vote above:) Hope you guys are having a great week!