Thursday, January 12, 2012

1 Resolution Under Way

One of my "hopes" for 2012 was to meet other moms and get involved in play groups in our area.

And  last night, I took the first step.

I had read about the website on another bloggers website, and although they did not have the best of luck {they didn't really mesh well with the group} I thought it was the perfect place to start looking.

So, I sat down, typed in what I was looking for and BAM!  I found a Mom Group, IN MY TOWN!!!!!

I've filled out the intial information and am currently waiting to hear back from the group organizer.

Let's hope this all goes well!!!

Who wouldn't want to hang with this kiddo??


The Bases said...

That is great! I am not a mom but I know all my mom friends really love their mom groups! I work from home and wish I had a work from home non mom group! Ha!

Natalie said...

Gwen looks like she is totally ready to hang out!