Friday, January 6, 2012

It Used To Be Easy

When Gwen was still a little bitty infant, unable to walk, and less sassy opinionated, we would go out shopping all the time.  I'd bundle her up in her infant car seat, snap it into the stroller, and we could spend hours out and about the town.

Boy, how times have changed.

Going out is WORK.  Shopping is WORK. {isn't that a sin or something?!?!}

But, it's true.  Gwen is no longer, shall we say, cooperative, she is mobile, antsy, and downright hard to control at times.

I mean, she's still fun, but she does NOT want to be in the stroller or shopping cart, and if I let her down {BIG MISTAKE}, she doesn't want to hold my hand, she just wants to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnn.  Any direction OTHER than the one we need to be going in.  Might I also add, that if things don't work out the way that Miss Gwen would like, well, let's just say that she has PERFECTED the Tantrum.  Awesome, right?

Now, I am sure that you have all seen these things:

Kid leashes. {that's what I call them}  But, more appropriately named A Child Harness.

Well, I hate them.  Always have.  Something bout it seems so wrong.  And even though, I will still not be purchasing one...

I get it now.

So, parents that do use them, I am no longer judging you.

What about you?  Do you use one?  What are your opinions?  Any tips on making shopping with a marathon runner very active toddler survivable any easier??



Sonya Marie said...

We haven't bought one - but our upcoming move to the US - I may purchase one for the airport.

Monica said...

My sister has one for my nephew and i wont babysit without it....she gets the nastiest looks when she uses it but one time of him running off and she will not leave the house without it....i actually wish more people would too!

brit said...

I'm actually thinking about getting one of those... I've always hated them, and definitely used to judge parents that used them. But now Torin hates his stroller too, and even though he's walking he's definitely not to the "I get that I have to hold Mommy's hand" stage. So yeah, I might break down and just get one.

mommy baum said...

ha ha ha! i am sooo with you! my toddler is a runner too, and he also likes taking things off of shelves (big problem at the grocery store, library, name it!)

i refuse to use a leash either, and have found that it is just making me a more efficient shopper - someday i may be able to spend hours browsing in the malls again......

in the meantime, i am 'that mom' that opens up the bag of goldfish before we pay for it, because eating is one thing that keeps him pretty busy. lol

you are not in this boat alone! ;)

Healthy Branscoms said...

I haven't used them. But to each his own. I see lots of them out and about! :) Erin

Minxy said...

Oh gosh! Your Gwen and my Lilly are going through the exact same thing! Now that she's had a taste of mobility - she will NOT sit still for any reason at all! I can't keep up!

Lol - but no, I will not be getting a kiddee leash. I don't object to them in practice, just, in the past I've seriously goofed on people I've seen use these. And I don't want to be goofed on by others! :o)

Anonymous said...

Im another one who doesnt use one but I definitely see the use in them for sure.