Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Look Before You...

I am going to save that punch line for the end of my story...
so, let's start with the AM.

Gwen's photo shoot {in Queens, NY} was scheduled for 10:30am.  Meaning that I would like to be out the door by 9 am {allowing time for coffee, gas, etc}, therefore, we {the whole family} are up around 6ish, showering, eating, "routining" shall we say.

Included in this routine, is taking care of Wiley... letting him out, feeding him, letting him out again, the usual.  Unfortunately, Wiley has ANOTHER ear infection, ugh, seriously, he is SO prone to them for some reason.  And CLEARLY it is messing with his brain because after we let him inside, he decided to jump on the bed {that part is ok} and...

{Damn Dog}

On MY pillow to be exact!  Are you kidding me?!?!?!?  I guess that I should have realized that this was going to "set the tone" of my day, but I put it behind me and carried on with our exciting day.

We made it to Queens, in good time, Gwen napped on the way, and the day was looking up.
For a minute.

When we arrived, some of the staff were not there, and neither were the costumes that Gwen was supposed to be shooting in.  So, we spent all of 45 minutes there, which blew our plan of going straight to another "Go-See" at 2pm in Chelsea.

Home we went.

It actually wasn't so bad, Gwen got a little down time, and I got to "reload" for the second half of the day.  And off we went again.

The "go-see" went well, and we even got to spend a little bit of time with Gwen's cousin Emily, Aunt Jess, & Uncle Tom!  Although, it could have been just a little bit warmer for our stroll around the city... but it is January, so I guess I understand.

Home we went, again.  Gwen napped.  Momma got some more coffee {yeah, it was THAT kind of day}.  We resumed our normal daily routine.

Gwen played.  I cooked.  Wiley snored away {jerk}.  Lol.

All was pretty normal, until I was about to put Gwen in her high chair for some Peas & Cheese a la Momma.  As I was lifting her up I noticed that it smelt like a diaper change was in order, so I did the "smell" test... you know, the put your nose to the butt to make sure you're right kind of test.  And like a slap in the face, the WET hit me.

Yup, it was a Sh*t-splosion.

Funny, right?

No, it's not.

It was E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.  Pants, socks, legs, feet, oh yeah, and my nose {and shirt}.

You can stop laughing now.

It was one of those "You don't even try to clean it up, you just throw her in the tub" kind of mess.

So that's what we did.  And she was so confused... like, "Ma, weren't we just about to eat dinner?" 

"Yes, Gwen, we WERE, before you decided to "decorate" us both.

All is well now.  We're clean.  Clothes are on their way to being clean.  And we are about to snuggle up together and watch a movie.


So, what is the lesson of the day, folks?

Look before you... smell.



Breanna said...

awee :( I hope your day got better!

Life in Dawleywood said...

oh no! I hate those really bad diapers when you have to practically cut the clothes off them lol

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I hope your day got better hun. I had similar things happen. Actually, Zane pooped all over me the other day. Gross!