Saturday, January 21, 2012

Boob Tube Babble, A Day Late

Sorry this is late but, there is good reason {working on a posr for that}.  For now, let's talk TV.  Shall we?

Oh, reality TV, why do I love thee so much???

Seriously, I may be a full blown addict!
Kourtney & Kim Take New York - How wrong is it that the person I like most on the show now is Scott????  {of course after that adorable little Mason}  I understand that Kris is annoying a bit, but c'mon you don't throw in the towel that quickly. {ESPECIALLY, when half of your marriage you were both travelling!}

Real Housewives of BH - Ok, HOW in the world does ANYONE WITH A BRAIN, not know that Kim is wasted/high as a kite?!?!?  Thank goodness she got help, but I just don't understand why no one addressed it before?  And poor Taylor! {I am not usually her biggest fan} But, my heart just melted for her.  And Adrienne!! Ugh, girl, I usually DO like you, but shut the EFF up, Taylor is pouring her heart out to you and you keep bringing up all the drama.  Ughhhh.

Watch What Happens Live - I only watched Monday's episode, bc Kyle and Mauricio from RHOBH were on... but it was goood.  First and foremost, I would loooove to be BFFs with Andy Cohen, I mean who wouldn't?!? And Mauricio just seems like the perfect husband {other than mine OF COURSE}.  The only unenjoyable part?? Kyle's dumb split.  Your not a teenage cheerleader, get over it. 

Teen Mom 2 - Jenelle may be crazy, but it is obvi that she gets it from her Momma!  I think that woman is bi-polar!  Dear Chelsea, get your act together, get your GED, and start acting like an adult. Thanks!  And Kailyn, does she EVER smile?? she has that permanent pout, like you want to kick her so she just starts crying finally!! I know that she is having a rough time, but positivity goes a loooong way, girl

Criminal Minds - I've missed you.  WHY I like to watch a show about serial killers, when I am afraid of my own shadow?  I don't know... but I'm hooked!

American Idol - I don't usually follow the whole season, but those first audition shows I ADORE!  Oh, Steven Tyler, you are so incredibly hilarious and the things you say are so unpredictable, I adore you and your madness.

Jersey Shore - TRAIN WRECKS!


Boob Tube Babble


Alyssa said...

Oh my word, Scott is my favorite too! I have thought Kris was annoying from the beginning and Kim is such a spoiled brat! Jersey Shore was....interesting. I kind of felt bad for Mike a little bit. I still think he's a jerk though!

Amanda @ 2LittleBugs said...

Scott is my favorite too!! :) They give him such a hard time. Drives me nuts! Teen Mom: oh lord! I 100% agree with everything you said & Chelsea.. Child, get your friggin GED! How long have you been trying, seriously? & The way she is so spoiled by her Dad just drives me CRAZY! lol. & Jersey Shore, ahh definitely a guilty pleasure.. I was cracking up over Dennas weve, lol.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Okay I love you even more that I already do because I love all those shows! I am a huge tv fan so I especially love this post!! Go Giants too:)