Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

Old Man Winter is finally popping his head into our area, and it was a bit too cold for me this week!  Is it too early to start a countdown to Spring?

Linking up with Melissa today :)


5.  Gwen's current favorite word is "no" and she uses it  But, it's amazing how impeccable her timing is.  Like I will say "Gwen, do you love Mommy?" "No." "Gwen, should we cuddle with Daddy?" "No." Makes me laugh out loud every time.  

4.  It amazes me how different a man's view can be after having a little girl.  For instance, I hear Jason saying "Gwen with never wear/do/look like that" more now than "WOW, that's hot!" Haha, oh the life of a parent!

3.  Speaking of the hubs, he seriously thinks that ANY time he changes a poopy diaper that he needs to document/broadcast it to me and that I should be handing over the medal of honor.  No, sir, for your information our poopy diaper changing ratio is a little unbalanced... just change it and move on.

2.  Lately, our kiddo movie of choice is "Despicable Me" and it is Jason's new fav.  He said to me last night, "Sam, I have to show you this guy from work, he's looks JUST like Mr. Perkins."  Ummm honey, I think you may have watched it ONE too many times :) But, I still love you anyway. 

1. Baby Babble ~ It just doesn't get any cuter!

Yay for the weekend!



Candice said...

HAHA! Love poop stories. And um, yes, pretty sure the ratio to mama/dada changing them is totally unequal. G shakes her head no like its her job now! Good grief! Have a great weekend. :)

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

haha- I did a poop story too! I like yours better:) I love that she is saying no all day long. I wish I could say it stops- lol:) My husband does the same during poop changes. Men- they are funny! That video is just too precious! I love your laughs! you make me smile as usual. Have a great rest of the weekend!

momto8 said... true! wait till you see how protective your husband gets when she is a teen'...its a whole new perspective!! I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!