Friday, July 13, 2012

His Little Red Car

After my parent's divorced {circa 1997-1998}, my mom relocated us just about a mile down the road from my grandparents house.  It was helpful not only to my mom, but to us as well, sometimes more than we knew.

Although this move was within the same town that we had already lived, it was a different neighborhood, one that I wasn't too familiar with.  And one of the things that I dreaded the most was the walk to the bus stop, the wait, and frankly, the bus in general.  It had nothing to with the passengers of the bus, I just didn't like it.

So, one morning, I decided to call my Pop.

I was running late, wouldn't make the bus on time, and knew that he would be heading out to work soon.

He lovingly obliged and then and there began a routine.  I called him every morning asking for a ride to school...

...he never said no.

That man drove his {spoiled} teenage granddaughter to school every single day in his little red car, until the day she got her license.

And it didn't stop with just school.

"Pop, can we go tanning?" {He would wait the 10-15 minutes in the car while I fake baked}

"Pop, can you take me to my friend's?"

He taught me how to drive in his little red car... making sure that I always had sneakers, even if it meant changing in and out of my sandals.  

Once, while learning to drive, we were approaching a traffic light {that was currently green} and said, "Slow down. SLOW DOWN."  I asked, "Why, Pop?"  "Because you never know when it's going to change"  LOL!  {He just wanted to make sure I was safe}

And, although he hasn't had that little red car for a long time now, we both remember it fondly and have joked about it recently.  He even gave me a little red matchbox car not too long ago... I can picture the huge grin on his face as he watched me open it.  

He also told me a few weeks ago when we visited him in the hospital, that he had to get better because in a few years he had to give another little girl {Gwen} a ride to school.  I melted.  
{This isn't it exactly, but it was somewhat like this.}

Looking back, I am no longer thankful for the rides to school and other places, but more for the time that we spent together...

...I would do ANYTHING to have one more ride with him in that little red car.
I love you, Pop-Pop.



the workaholic momma said...

aaaww....i just love this post. my poppa lived two blocks away from me as well when i was growing up and he was always there to call in whenever i got in a pinch. your love for your pop-pop is so clear and i just wish you weren't going through everything you are right now. sending virtual hugs.

Natalie said...

This seriously makes me all teary eyed...this is the sweetest thing...and such great memories.