Friday, January 25, 2013

5 Days In 1 Post.

Update of Pics

1.15 - A pattern that I am loving right now.
1.16 - A Christmas present from Hubs, pretty in love.
1.17 - My little hoarder with almost every book she owns on her trampoline.
1.18 - She never naps anywhere but her own bed, must have been tired.
1.19 - A pic from our Poconos trip, love her whole outfit.
1.20 - From Poconos too, loving the pool right after the snow.
1.21 - Making candy with our "pi-doh"

Began the freeze.

Yes, I understand that it's winter.

And, yes, I will probably bitch about the heat in summer... but dammmnnnn it's cold!  Like become a prisoner of your own home because bundling your child in 18 layers takes longer than it does to go run the errand at hand.

So, we may have left the house as little as possible.  At least there was lots of cuddling.

Wordless Wednesday.
She's gonna be one hell of a rockstar!

Was one of those, "this toddler is going to be the death of me" days!  Cooped up in the house, more energy than me with five cups of coffee, and on the go, go, go.  I truly believe that, although I didn't have any, this is the reason wine was made :)  AND also the reason that God makes children so freakin adorable... to ease the blow of toddler tantrums.

And then, just when you think you can't handle a moment more... "Momma, hug?"  Yes, baby, let's hug it out.

We've entered the potty phase of life. More details on that later.  But I need some suggestions.  Some good books? Videos? She was scared of it for this first week and cried when we tried to get her to sit on it, but she did, and didn't go.  She would go to the bathroom and THEN come get us and point to the potty.  I know it's only the beginning, I am going to be patient, just looking for helpful hints.


So that's our week.  Hope yours was good. Hubs and I are sitting down to watch End of Watch  and enjoy a cocktail or two.  Be jealous.  Lol.


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